Science News from Pasquotank County!

Teachers in Pasquotank County are leading their students to a future in scientific research and global sustainability.

Second Graders at Pasquotank Elementary School and Weeksville Elementary School recently completed embryology projects. Students studied the chicken life cycle and how to care for the baby chickens. Students turned the eggs three times daily and added water to the incubator. They cared for the eggs for about four weeks. On March 11 the eggs finally hatched! The students were able to observe a few of the eggs hatch "live" on March 11 and 12. The students were then able to feed and care for the chickens until they were picked up by 4-H. The project was a great success!

The Pasquotank County High School FFA chapter has been awarded $2343 as part of the FFA: Food For All program. The nationwide program provides grant money to local FFA chapters to support year-long service-learning projects that address local hunger needs. The Pasquotank FFA plans to help fight hunger by growing vegetables in a hydroponics system in their school greenhouse. They will also continue to grow vegetables in their raised bed gardens. The produce will be donated to Albemarle Food Bank.The FFA: Food For All Grants are sponsored by RAM, Farmers Feeding the World, the Donaldson Foundation and Monsanto as a special project of the National FFA Foundation. The program provided approximately $297,000 to FFA chapters in 35 states and the Virgin Islands. In addition, the FFA: Food For All grant program is part of the National FFA Organization's Feeding Our World – Starting at Home Initiative. More information about the program can be found at