About Michael C. Jackson

It is all together fitting and proper to recognize individuals for the outstanding contributions they have made. This evening, the North Carolina Science Leadership Association is honoring Mike Jackson as one of those individuals. The North Carolina Science Leadership Association is deeply indebted to Mike; if it were not for him and the colleagues he rallied into action when he was Region C Director for NSELA, NCSLA might not be in existence today. Through his determined efforts, a nucleus of science educators met, planned, organized, and NCSSA was born.

For many years, science supervisors in North Carolina met informally prior to the NCSTA conference. As science education became increasingly complex and many school systems shifted their science supervisors to other positions, the need for a professional organization became apparent. Thus, in 1989, the North Carolina Science Supervisors Association (NCSSA) was organized as a non-profit group. By 1994, the organization had grown to include many types of science leaders other than science supervisors, and the organization's name was changed to the North Carolina Science Leadership Association (NCSLA) to reflect that growth.

The North Carolina Science Leadership Association is pleased to honor Mike and his many contributions to science education by naming its Distinguished Service Award the Michael C. Jackson Distinguished Service Award.mlj

Michael Conoly Jackson was born in Spivey's Corner, NC, and raised in Person County. He graduated from Roxboro High School. Mike is a true-blue NC State person; he received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees (under Norm Anderson, Jack Wheatley, Charlie Lytle, and Sally Berenson) all from NCSU.

Mike taught science for 35 years in North Carolina, including service at Lenoir Community College, East Carolina University, Camp Lejeune Schools, Southeastern Community College, and most recently at the Tarheel Challenge Academy.   

Mike’s distinguished service to science education included being Regional Director for NSELA and President of three science associations: NCSTA (1982), NCSLA (1991), and NSELA (1992).  After many years of teaching, in 2006 Mike retired to Sampson Co. at Spivey's Corner and is currently living in his great grandfather's farm house where he keeps busy with rescuing chocolate labs, restoring church gardens, traveling, and enjoying each new day of life.