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NCSLA Members,


First, I must invite you to join us at the Fall NCSLA Summit on November 28, 2018 in Charlotte. The theme of the Summit is "Science Everywhere" with an emphasis on both in and out of school science learning programs and activities across the state. We are so pleased to be able to host the Fall Summit at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte NC. Dennis Schatz, senior advisor at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle will be our keynote speaker. Dr. Christine Royce, NSTA President, will also bring us a message from NSTA. Our NCSLA Past President, Alisa Wickliff, has a wonderful agenda planned for you at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Thank you to all who participated in our survey to choose the best possible date for the NCSLA Spring Summit on Science Education. It looks as though we will be scheduling that event for April 6, 2019. The location and focus of the NCSLA Spring Summit will be announced soon, so mark your calendar.

No matter what role you serve in science education, NCSLA is planning to offer activities and assistance in the coming year to meet your professional needs.   We plan to work together to better inform and strengthen the understanding of all citizens about the processes operating on our planet, so they can maintain an environment where all can live-long, be safe and prosper.

If you are coordinator or supervisor of the science curriculum in a school district or a lead science teacher at a school, we provide opportunities to meet with similar leaders to discuss common obstacles to providing high quality and effective science instruction for all students. We want to share instructional strategies, resources, materials, and plans to make science instruction most effective. We want to give science educators a forum to share ways they assess student understanding and provide remediation when needed.

If you are an informal science educator at museum, nature center, science center, state forest or park, or after-school program provider, we get you together with leaders from school districts to discuss their needs and ways to meet them. NCSLA plans to ask informal science educators to share successful ways they can play a vital role in helping schools and districts achieve their goals and mission. We would like to collaborate with out-of-school educators to synchronize what can be offered with what students need.

If you are at an institution of higher education and prepare beginning and graduate teachers of science, we bring you together with others who share the same role to discuss successes and ways to overcome obstacles. Leaders in schools and districts could also benefit if you share cutting-edge research and strategies they could use as they provide professional development activities to teachers.

If you fill a role like those described above, please let us know what we can do to help you be more successful in that role. We also ask that you talk with your colleagues to get them to join NCSLA, so we can all work together in our common mission to prepare life-long science learners and well-informed citizens.

You can learn more at the NCSLA website: . What hope to see you in Charlotte on November 28-December 1 at the NCSLA Fall Summit and the NSTA Charlotte Area Conference.

Manley Midgett – NCSLA President

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