2002-2004 Cohort

Funded through a partnership with Carolina Biological, NSCLA’s Fellows Program began sponsoring a new cohort of Fellows in the fall of 2002. By the end of the first activity, a weekend retreat at Brown Summit, it was clear that one year was not enough time to provide meaningful leadership experiences to this cohort. Fellows director, Ernest Bibby, proposed to the NSCLA executive board that the Fellows Program be extended to two years and include more opportunities for the Fellows. The board agreed, and as a result of board support this current Fellows cohort will participate through 2004.

P4200016_JPGBibby is supported in Fellows planning and program development by Pat Shane-Bowers and Karen Charles. This threesome meets periodically to plan activities and design experiences for the Fellows that will enhance their science leadership skills.

This collaborative planning has resulted in the addition of several new and exciting features to the Fellows curriculum. In the past, Fellows have met at a fall retreat, attended the state science teachers’ conference and the state technology conference, and ‘graduated’ in the spring. The expanded program includes the following new offerings.

Because of their long-term involvement in the state science fair, Bibby and Shane-Bowers were able to arrange for the Fellows to serve as judges at the state science fair this year. This will give the Fellows a chance to work on a project at the state level as well as meet other state science leaders.
Similarly, a technology opportunity at the Miami Museum of Science for 21 LEA and IHE science educators has led to the development of a cadre of trainers in the state that have been able to incorporate the MMS materials into their own technology programs.
Lisa Grable, a participant in the MMS training, has agreed to host a one-day session for the Fellows at NCSU, which will focus on using the Internet for materials selection and for curriculum development.
Lastly, the Fellows are working together to develop a series of lessons on force and motion and will use their technology skills to finalize these lessons.

The Fellows continue to be NSCLA’s guests at our bi-annual membership functions and report that they are growing personally and professionally because of their involvement with the Fellows.

The 2002-2004 cohort includes:

Sarah Carson, Iredell-Statesville Schools
Diana Ford, Iredell-Statesville Schools
Scott Childers, Iredell-Statesville Schools
Corinne Petro, Iredell-Statesville Schools
Sandra Cates, Rockingham Schools
Ann Griffey, Salisbury Schools
Bill Kawczynski, UNCW-MSEN
‘Doc’ Morton, Salisbury Schools
Darlene Ryan, Chatham Schools

NCSLA Leadership Fellow Attend Retreat

The 2002 Class of the NCLSA Leadership Fellows Program had its kickoff meeting, a Leadership Retreat, May 17-19, 2002 at the Summit Conference Center in Brown Summit, N. C. NCSLA is proud to have such an enthusiastic and competent group of emerging science leaders as Fellows.

The Retreat activities consisted of a variety leadership activities related to building effective teams, understanding leadership styles, and facilitating change. Karen Charles, Pat Bowers, and Ernest Bibby served as Retreat coordinators/presenters. In addition, Dan Bruffey, a nationally recognized Myers-Briggs consultant conducted a wonderful session dealing with understanding leadership styles and team dynamics.

The purpose of the NCSLA Leadership Fellows Program is to enhance the professional competence and develop the leadership abilities necessary for science leaders to operate effectively in various leadership positions in science education.