What Does NGSS Look Like in Action?

The 2013 Fall Membership meeting began with an expert panel discussion followed by breakout group activities and discussions.

Panelists included:

  • Christine Royce (Shippensburg University)
  • Elizabeth Allan (Central Oklahoma University)
  • Crystal Harden (Morehead Planetarium & Science Center)
  • Tracy Hall (Education Matters in Catawba County)

Breakout session leaders:

  • Elementary - Christine Royce and Carla Billups (Jonathan Valley Elementary School in Maggie Valley)
  • Secondary - Elizabeth Allan
  • Pre-Service/Informal - Angelia Reid-Griffin (UNC-Wilmington)

Dinner Speaker

Keeley May2012The professional development session was followed by a dinner at 6 pm featuring guest speaker Page Keeley (Education Consultant, Author, and retired Senior Science Program Director at Maine Science and Mathematics Alliance) on the topic "Teaching for Conceptual Change."


Details on speakers and session leaders are below



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