NCSLA Fall Meeting 2006

The fall membership meeting for NCSLA was held Wednesday, November 8, 2006 at the Marriott Hotel in Greensboro. Photos are below.

Afternoon Membership Meeting:
Our presenter for the NCSLA afternoon membership meeting on November 8, 2006 is Page Keeley, Senior Science Program Director with the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance in Augusta, Maine. Page will repeat for NCSLA the presentation she gave at the NSELA Summer Leadership Institute in Dearborn, Michigan in July 2006.

The session title is “Bridging the Gap Between National Standards, Research on Learning, and Classroom Practice.” Page’s presentation will feature the resources and tools developed for the NSF-funded project, Curriculum Topic Study – A Systematic Approach to Using National Standards and Cognitive Research. Examples of K-12 curricular, instructional, and assessment applications for science leaders will be shared, as well as opportunities to pilot facilitator’s materials.

Curriculum Topic Study (CTS), funded by NSF, is a professional development materials project that uses a systematic process to link national standards and research on student learning to K-12 teaching and learning. The first book in a series of three resources, Science Curriculum Topic Study – Bridging the Gap Between Standards and Practice (Keeley, 2005) has been called the “missing link” for implementing standards and research on learning.

While national, state, and local standards drive teaching and learning in schools, the content is typically organized in the curriculum by topics. The CTS tools and resources help teachers make a bridge between the topics they teach and the specific grade level appropriate ideas and instructional implications described in the standards and cognitive research.

The CTS approach guides teachers through a systematic study of a curricular topic by using a core set of resources and study guides (147 science topics and 92 mathematics topics) to enhance and strengthen content knowledge, clarify learning goals, examine instructional and developmental implications, identify potential misconceptions and learning difficulties, examine a learning progression of K-12 concepts and their interconnections, reflect back on their own state or local standards, and connect this new knowledge to their practice.

The CTS process helps educators and professional developers move the standards “off the shelf” and deliberately embed them in a variety of curricular, instructional, assessment, and professional development opportunities and strategies. This session will provide an overview of the CTS tools and examples of the various ways they can be applied. Participants will learn about opportunities to pilot materials as leaders in a variety of professional development settings including study groups, lesson study, action research, case discussions, examining student thinking, demonstration lessons, inquiry immersions, curriculum implementation, and mentoring and coaching. Several copies of the book will be given away as door prizes.

Dinner Meeting:
NCSLA is pleased to feature as our Fall 2006 dinner speaker Dr. Pam Buckley, the Executive Director of Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education. KDP has chapters on college campuses and in local communities that are committed to recognizing excellence and fostering mutual cooperation, support, and professional growth for educational professionals.

The Society's members make up the top 10 percent of those entering the field of education, and include award-winning and outstanding practicing educators. Many educators choose to continue their affiliation with KDP after college and contribute to the mission of the society. Its 2006-07 goals include: recognizing and confirming the status of scholars and educators to achieve and sustain preeminence in teaching, scholarship, and service, focusing on effectively addressing the needs of members through the phases of their careers as scholars and educators, and providing an energetic, diverse learning community that enhances professional growth through high quality programs, services, and products.

KDP and NCSLA share a mutual interest in recruiting and retaining teachers in the education profession. Dr. Buckley is the former Director of the Eisenhower Consortium for Mathematics and Science Education at AEL, the regional educational laboratory in the Appalachian region, and she has a special interest in math and science education. The title of her talk is: Recruiting and Retaining the Best and the Brightest Teachers: Everyone's Challenge.

Afternoon speaker Page Keeley

Emma Gatling...

presents the Gatling award to Jason Painter.

Karen Charles introduces...

the evening speaker, Pam Buckley

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