Spring 2013 Newsletter


Nominations & Elections

It's time to elect new officers to serve a three-year term on the NCSLA Board. The following members have thrown their hats into the ring!

President-Elect: Gina Barrier and Rebecca Hite

Secretary: Carla Billups and Nicolette Cagle

Director-at-Large (2): Tomika R. Altman-Lewis, Crystal Harden, Ann McClung, Alisa Wickliff

Voting information will be sent electronically to the general membership on February 22. Please take the time to read the Biographies and Position Statements about each candidate in order to determine whom you would like to select for each office. Voting will occur over a three week period starting on February 22 to March 15. Be sure to check your email for this important information.

New officers will be installed at the NCSLA Spring meeting on April 27, 2013 in Cary.

Submitted by
Beth Chappell
Nominations & Elections Committee Chair


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