Message from the President



From Outgoing President, Beverly Lyons

Hello NCSLA Members From My Home Office

Well, what a spring we have had.  I believe the entire world has learned more about viruses, epidemiology, aseptic technique, and global geography than at any other time in history.  Life science educators, you can check that one off of your curriculum guide for sure.  But on a serious note, we have lost loved ones, and have seen many folks suffer which has tested our humanity in the midst of this global crisis.  I am filled with hope in seeing people rise to the occasion with kindness, love, and so much caring.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we were unable to see each other face to face at our spring summit which was to be held May 2 at Horizons Unlimited, Salisbury.  Thanks to Manley Midgett and Neil Pifer for being so committed to developing this event for us.  Thanks to Melaine Rickard for arranging our lunch for that day and everyone else that were taking a part in the preparations, presentations and breakout sessions that were to be given and lead.  Let’s give them a virtual hand for all of their hard work and dedication.

Looking to the summer, we must reschedule our 2 PBL’s that were to be held in June and July .  The executive board thought it best to follow the university leads on cancelations to keep everyone safe and prevent a second wave of infections from visiting our communities.  We will remain on schedule for our Fall Summit to be held in Winston-Salem, November 4, 2020 in hopes that this pandemic will be over.  

It has been a very productive year for NCSLA and it has been my honor to be your President during this time.  In June Dennis Kubasko will become your next president and I am looking forward to continuing my work with NCSLA under him.  

-Beverly Lyons 


From Incoming President Dennis Kubasko

dennisGood Day NCSLA Members!

In spite of ALL the current challenges we as an organized group of science education leaders face day-to-day as a consequence of this pandemic, and there are many as articulated in Beverly’s message as current president. I am excited…I am honored…and I am motivated to serve as a leadership steward for our organization into the near future! To ensure successful and effective leadership as your incoming president, I intend to stand on the shoulders and share in the vision of past presidents that have come before me, especially recent mentors like Manley Midget (2018-2019) and Beverly Lyons (2019-2020). 

During these challenging times, it is important to reflect, reinforce and engage with our association’s vision: NCSLA's vision is to engage in authentic networking, celebrate science educators, support emerging science education leaders and advocate innovative practice in North Carolina. I couldn’t have imagined a more important, more critical period of time to embrace our role in science education.  So, I look forward to engaging our membership, our Science Leadership Fellows, our colleagues in the critical work that we are planning to do for the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year. 

It’s probably important to share some information about me, as your incoming NCSLA president. I am fortunate to have grown my own STEM education leadership within our organization over past two decades. I’ve been elected to two terms as an at-large board of director representing Southeastern North Carolina and served as a member of the successful Fellows committee over three cohorts. I am currently an associate professor responsible for secondary science education and instructional leadership at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW). I have seven years experience teaching middle school science and high school Biology in the Philadelphia area public schools. I am past director (2011-2016) of UNCW’s Center for Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (CESTEM) in the Watson College of Education (WCE), and I co-directed the Wilmington Regional Science Olympiad (2005-2018) with public school partners across five counties. I have also led international multiple field experiences to Belize (2008-2016) for college of education students.

I am excited to serve our membership as NCSLA president. I have always valued our organization as THE forum for professionals to have engaging conversations about relevant issues in our field, to identify issues where advocacy is needed, and to collaborate across different stakeholders thereby generating statewide solutions. It is my pleasure to serve you, the membership.

Dr. Dennis S. Kubasko, Jr.



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