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Message from
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 dennisHappy Spring everyone. By now, I think we’ve all had time for that much-needed break that those of us in education look forward to each year. I know it helps me to glide into the end of the school year refreshed and energized. For part of my spring break, I was fortunate to get to spend time with colleagues who became close and dear friends during our work with the Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy. We spent some of our time reflecting on what we all considered some of the most influential experiences for us as educators through our learning and working with teachers from all over the country. We reflected back on how those 14 years have stayed with us and really made us who we are in the realm of education.

With all our varied experiences as educators, I hope you have all had those stand-out experiences that really shape who you are. It might be several different experiences, but they have all left us with a positive mark. Sometimes they are there, and in the rush and expectations of us as educators, we might forget them, but they are there and part of us.

During the past two years of COVID, I’m hoping that NCSLA has helped to provide you with some experiences that have had a positive influence on you. As an organization, we work to meet the needs of our membership as not only educators but leaders. I’d like to take the time to thank both Beverly Lyons and Dennis Kubasko for their work in establishing the webinars that NCSLA has been able to provide to the membership during these times of Zoom vs. Face-to-Face. It’s been a positive shift for NCSLA and both Beverly and Dennis have been thoughtful in their selection of topics and presenters. We look forward to continuing the webinars during the 2022-23 school year as well as coming back to face-to-face meetings.

The NCSLA Board is looking forward to the spring meeting coming up at UNC Wilmington on May 7th. Dennis has a wonderful meeting put together that will include field trips, another first for NCSLA. I am excited to see everyone again and hope to see you all there. During the membership meeting, you’ll be introduced to our newly elected board members, celebrate our graduating Fellows, and meet the new cohort of Fellows. As we continue to add leaders to the association, I encourage you to get involved. We have open positions on committees. We also have a PBL workshop happening in July.

Finally, thank you for the continued support as members. It’s been a pleasure to serve as your president this last year. I’m looking forward to hearing from you on topics you would like for the upcoming webinars and face-to-face meetings. Thank you for your continued support and membership and it was great to see many of you at UNC Wilmington on May 7. 

Carla Billups, President NCSLA 



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