Congratulations on your retirement, Dr. Franklin!

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Dr. Franklin Retires
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Mountains to the Sea

franklinJoin us in wishing Kenan Fellows Program Director Dr. Elaine Franklin all the best in her retirement at the end of the May!

Elaine served as the NCSLA President from 2009-2010. It was during her term that the association developed the strategic goals for 2010-2015 that became the foundation of the work that NCSLA does. These goals used the NCSLA acronym as a basis for the work the association does: Network, Celebrate, Support, Lead, & Advocate. Elaine is a natural leader, and her leadership provided direction for NCSLA not just for her presidential year but for years following because of the development of the strategic goals she guided.

Elaine was a gifted and talented teacher at Frank Porter Graham Elementary School in Chapel Hill for many years where she teamed up with the school’s science specialist and developed some extraordinary projects…doing in-depth projects when many were still reading about science and calling it doing science. They got the entire school, including the art and music teachers, involved in building a longhouse, making a Native American garden, developing an outdoor nature trail, and bringing in a load of fossil dirt from the Aurora Fossil Museum. While this may not seem extraordinary today, in the mid-1980’s, it was trend setting; and Elaine was in the center of it all with her partner in crime, Deanna TeBockhorst, the science specialist. They were the catalyst for the development of a district-wide science specialist program that later was featured as a model elementary science program at NSTA.

A life-changing event occurred when Elaine attended a National Institute for the Humanities workshop at Crow Canyon Archeological Research Center in southwest Colorado one summer and learned about the ancestral Pueblo in the Mesa Verde area. She became fascinated with the science of archaeology and the windows to our past; it is science from a different perspective many of us think about, and it fascinated her. Soon she was a Ph.D. graduate student in curriculum and instruction at UNC-CH with a minor in archaeology and the rest is history (pun intended!).

Elaine has continued to be a supporter of NCSLA for many years, making presentations, assisting with developing strategic goals, and being a regular at meetings. We trust she will continue to attend after her retirement to keep her network of friendship flourishing!

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