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PIRATES (Preparing and Inspiring Achieving Teaching Excellence in Science Education) Research Grant

Dr. Tammy Lee, East Carolina University

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Thirteen Elementary Education alumni met for a week of professional development on August 1-5. This professional development is part of Dr. Tammy Lee’s research start up grant called PIRATES (Preparing and Inspiring Readiness for Achieving Teaching Excellence in Science). The grant is focused on supporting beginning teachers that were the first graduates of the Elementary Science Concentration. The first summer institute was centered on two main themes 1) to engage beginning teachers in fieldwork with naturalists and scientists to develop a more in-depth understanding of complex systems and 2) to develop and implement science units focused on a “systems thinking” approach. Dr. Lee stated that, “Elementary teachers teach about systems in science throughout K-5. We want teachers to approach teaching about systems in a more explicit manner through clearly defining the system under study.”

Let's Go Outside...And Learn Science!

The article features a description of teacher professional development using GPS units for science geocaching and data-collection. Activities and ideas from teachers involved in two grant programs are included.

Connect, Volume 25, Issue 4  March/April 2012
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Regina M. Barrier, The Science House, NCSU

Astronomical Misconceptions

The article highlights some of the most common misconceptions in astronomy and strategies that teachers may use to address and correct these misconceptions among their students.

The Physics Teacher, May 2010
Regina M. Barrier, The Science House, NCSU

Inspiring Teacher Pioneers Across North Carolina

A summary of a presentation at the 2004 Conference on K-12 Outreach From University Science Departments regarding The Science House's Teacher Pioneers program. In the program, teachers were trained to use data-collection technologies in the science and math classroom. Impacts of the program are highlighted in the article.

Proceedings from K-12 Outreach Conference
Regina M. Barrier, The Science House, NCSU

Making Sense of Safety

The article features fun and quick strategies for incorporating lab safety instruction into the science classroom. It also highlights The Science House science safety database to answer your questions regarding lab safety. (
The Science Teacher, September 2005
Regina M. Barrier, The Science House, NCSU