Morehead Science Center PLANETS

PLANETS (Portable Learning for All of North Carolina’s Elementary Teachers and Students) is the first full-dome video portable planetarium in North Carolina! The PLANETS Portable Planetarium Program delivers engaging standards-based science education throughout North Carolina to students in grades K-12. The PLANETS program also offers professional development opportunities and resources for K-6 teachers.


The portable planetarium allows Morehead to bring the excitement and unique educational experience of a traditional planetarium show directly to each school. Children step from their classroom setting directly into the portable planetarium and discover an exciting world that reveals the secrets of science and astronomy. Morehead educators create an immersive learning environment that teachers can cultivate and reinforce in their own classrooms.

The PLANETS teacher workshops (with the portable planetarium as their centerpiece) have an inspiring learning environment in which teachers can increase and reinforce their own potential and enthusiasm for teaching space science. PLANETS workshops will empower participating teachers with increased astronomy content knowledge and unique NASA-themed teaching tools and will demonstrate effective ways to link STEM content to other important areas of the elementary curriculum, notably language arts and social studies.

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