Fall Summit Highlights Science Every Day Every Where

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Message from
the President
Fall Summit
Carol Moore Recognized
for Leadership
Nominate an
Outstanding Leader
Grant Proposal
Science Leadership
Fellows Update
Mountains to the Sea

The 2018 NCSLA Fall Summit: 'Science Every Day Every Where" was a great success.  Dr. Christine Royce, NSTA President discussed with NCSLA participants her ideas on the importance of Science Education Leaders work to further excellence in their fields. Dr. Royce encourages science educators to use their voice to advocate for high standards in education.

Dr. Dennis Schatz, Executive Director Pacific Science Museum, shared his research on out of school learning for all students, primary, secondary and adults.  In particular, his research studies out of school learning STEM programs and activities that can be accounted to compliment classroom education.  Dr. Schatz believes that we should have Monday Night Science excitement to equal that of Monday Night Football.

The Out of School Showcase featured 10 programs and activities from across North Carolina.  The presenters provided an overview of their work and the connections to K-12 STEM content and practices useful for K-12 educators and University faculty and staff.

NCSLA would like to thank the NASCAR Hall of Fame staff and educators for their hosting of the 2018 Fall Summit and their excellent STEM activities for K-12 students in North Carolina.